We do technology innovation

We create innovative technologies for radio and audio

We’ve a huge and varied portfolio of projects that we can use as inspiration and information to solve whatever problem you bring to us. Maybe it’s something specific you want to fix, maybe you just feel like technology should be serving you better.

Some Past Projects

So you get an idea of the breadth and depth of our experience, here’s some of the things we’ve done

  • Audio Distribution Strategy Design
  • Digital Music Download Service (B2C)
  • Digital Music Catalogue and Production System
  • VoIP and AoIP interconnects and integrations
  • Interactive Messaging Systems (B2C)
  • DAB Digital Radio Transmission Systems
  • Stream and Broadcast Audio Processing (B2B / B2C)
  • Real Time Metadata Distribution Platforms
  • RDS PI Code Allocation and Management System
  • Voice Assistant Controlled Devices
  • Audio App Development
  • Broadcast chain design and build
  • Audio Art Installations

There aren’t many areas of audio technology we haven’t got experience of.